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Frustrated with Cookie-Cutter Real Estate Images?

Have you hired a national chain company to make real estate images and videos and been disappointed with the results?

In this post I’ll discuss the differences between dealing with national chains vs working with a local professional photographer and FAA certified drone pilot.

Why choose local?

In today’s media-saturated world you need to stand out in a competitive market. You have to grab the potential buyer’s attention with a much more immersive experience than cookie-cutter imagery.

You need to provide a unique perspective on properties, their surroundings and showcase properties in a way that’s both effective and visually stunning.

What’s the difference?

National chain companies hire and train people to work in a specific way. Staff are trained to not waver from a list of specific angles or composition, whether that suits the property or not.

This makes for cookie-cutter images and video. National chains give every client identical-looking photos and videos — just like your competition.

What I offer

Working with me you will receive high quality, uniquely composed images and cinematic video that suit each individual property while highlighting its marketable features.

Making your property listing images and video stand out from your competition is my goal.


Have you ever been frustrated, even angry, speaking with someone in a call center?

National chain companies operate with call center staff often located in another state. This can be frustrating if you want to speak with someone with local knowledge of the property location, current weather conditions and knowledge of local community features.

Calling a national chain can also result in speaking to a staff person with little to no experience in real estate photography, drone operations and FAA regulations.

Communicating with Me

You will be able to talk directly with me, the business owner, the drone pilot doing the job who lives in Colorado, has local knowledge of the community, the weather conditions and the property location.

I’m also the photo/video editor. So any special requests can be communicated directly to me and accommodated.

Special Requests

National chains will generally not do special requests. Or they charge more for requests outside of their cookie-cutter production system.

Special requests to a national chain are much harder to communicate through a call center or online. They usually get miscommunicated, ignored, or lost in the system.

I Hear You

If you have special requests of specific views, angles and property features to capture I can do that.

Hiring me, you will have clear, concise communication with me, the person doing the entire job from order to delivery. I will ensure your requests are heard and delivered.


A national chain only offers specific scheduling times. They cannot offer flexibility to adjust the shoot time based on sudden changing weather conditions or property availability. There’s little thought or consideration for the agent’s unique needs.

Flexibility with Me

Hiring me you will get more flexibility in scheduling.

If I foresee any issues related to the location, time of day, changes in weather or other issues I will talk with you to schedule the best time that works with your business needs.


National chains offer no recommendations to the agent regarding the best time of day to showcase the property.

With their cookie-cutter system they will not consider the surrounding neighborhood and any issues that will affect the look of the images and video such as busy roads, power lines, construction or unattractive neighborhood sights that will distract from the views and put off a buyer.

I will ensure your images and video feature only the best views of the property and the surrounding neighborhood.


Do you want cookie-cutter video and images in your business?

Do you want your images and video to look just like your competitors?

If the answer to these questions is “NO” then Contact me now.

If you want to attract a potential buyer’s attention with creative and breathtaking imagery and videos contact me.

I will listen to your real estate business needs and make your images and videos stand out from your competitors.

If you are in need of real estate drone photography and video in the Boulder/Denver Front Range area please contact me by email, or call/text 720-224-3072.