Are you thinking of doing that aerial photo job yourself? Or are you hiring a drone pilot for your next aerial photo or video job?

Here are five points to keep in mind to ensure get the best aerial content and also keep yourself out of hot water with the authorities:

  1. FAA Certified

If a drone is used for any commercial purposes there are several legal requirements which include remote pilot certification, aircraft registration and safe operations.

The pilot of the drone needs to hold a current Federal Aviation Authority...


The use of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems is a new and emerging industry. UAS also have diverse uses from recreational to search and rescue, surveying, infrastructure inspection and photography and video. Many people are not yet aware of what is involved in safe drone operations for commercial use. Here are a few common drone questions answered:

Drones are just a fun toy, right?

Although drones may be small and the pilot is operating the drone remotely, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regards and classifies all drones as aircraft, just like helicopters,...